Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Rising Setting Sun

One of my favorite flights I have ever had was with my friend Tucker Anderson in Moscow, Idaho. It was 1994 and we took off just as the sun was setting. As the propeller on the little airplane pulled us upward into the sky, the heavy orange sun became light again, changing its direction moving upwards from the horizon and becoming a brilliant yellow ball in the sky. It was the first time I had seen a sunset turn into a sunrise and the first sunrise I had seen from the West. The sun then set again as the little plane could not keep up with our earth’s eternal rotation…so we flew off into a shimmering gold covered dusk, a reflection of the beautiful Palouse hills on the sky above. It was then that I had a better understanding of this small planet we call home…how our inventions have shaped our lives…and the realization that what we call reality is only a perception of what we choose to see.  ~ Tad Jones